Fraud is one of the major threats to customers, and our services are essential to protect customers from fraudsters!

Fraud Detection
  • Intelligent System
  • Transaction Interception
  • Fraud Processing
The intelligent risk control system protects your payment in real time
Relying on ten years of professional payment experience, Moneypay has established an efficient and compliant risk control system, which has been tested by the market. The ability to use smart risk control solutions to minimize risks, prevent fraud, and reduce chargeback rates, so that customers can focus on business development without worries.
Intercept fraud before the transaction occurs
Real-name authentication and physical location, global risk control and transaction data for data tracking, focus on risks, and intercept fraud before it occurs.
Risk control
Online 24 hours a day to ensure real-time evaluation of order risks, and to completely control possible risks.
Independent risk API
Use authoritative three-party risk control solutions to detect user information and avoid risks.
Case management
We manage risks in an all-round way from a professional perspective, simplifying the automated workflow of manual review.
Behavior analysis
Use real-time behavior analysis to track suspicious user behavior around the payment field to prevent scripting or automated attacks.
Device fingerprint
By binding multiple signals of each device into a profile, identify shoppers and fraudsters behind transactions.
3D Security 2.0
Support customers to send transactions through 3D Secure 2 for seamless identity verification, so your conversion will not be compromised.
How to deal with fraudulent transactions
Identify fraudulent risk control transactions in real time, analyze the cardholder element model of fraudulent transactions, determine the risk level, and process high-risk transaction elements in real time to prevent the elements from continuing to bring risks to customers in the later period
Assist clients with appeal applications, remind clients to prepare appeal materials, strive for maximum benefits for clients, and reduce fraud losses
Prevent fraud
  • Regularly train merchants to let them know how to deal with counterfeit and chargeback orders.
  • Timely refunds for high-risk transactions to avoid loss of property.
  • The chargeback specialist will follow up in time, so don't worry about receiving a chargeback.
  • Warm reminders of transfer orders and appeals to avoid missing appeal opportunities.
  • Timely follow up the status of the refusal to appeal and give feedback on the result of the appeal as soon as possible.
  • Have an anti-fraud mechanism to assess, audit, and manage the risks of third-party service providers to ensure compliance in all aspects.
  • 作为相关资质和牌照的持有机构,Asiabill系合法受监管机构,符合法律法规以及卡组织相关规定的要求。
  • Asiabill风控团队拥有国际公认反洗钱师协会(ACAMS)会员,严格遵从国际反洗钱反恐怖融资法律法规要求。
  • 与LexisNexis达成合作,对客户及其法人代表、股东及最终受益人进行国际制裁及政要等名单审核。
  • 建立严格的内部控制及内部审计机制,从流程上严格把关,防止营运风险。
  • 拥有反腐败、反欺诈机制,管控内部风险的同时评估、审计、管理第三方服务供应商的风险,全方位确保合规。