PCI compliance level

Moneypay has passed the advanced PCI DSS compliance certificate. The platform can guarantee the security of customer data and prevent data from being stolen or destroyed. SSL 256-bit compulsory encryption technology is used for information transmission during the transaction to ensure the security of information transmission.

3Ds verification

Moneypay has built-in compliance with the two-factor authentication provided by the issuer. With the changes in security protocols, we can provide customers with 3Ds verification functions from the source of fraudulent transactions to control transaction risks.

Fraud identification

Moneypay conducts risk identification for each transaction, distinguishes fraudulent behaviors by cardholders, and warns customers about fraudulent information. Through our information updates, customers can learn how to identify fraud and how to make secure payments online.

Monitoring system

Moneypay is equipped with an intelligent transaction monitoring system, which protects transactions through SSL's 256-bit encryption mechanism, and has developed multiple sets of risk control identification models based on years of industry experience, which can adjust customers according to different types and obtain real-time results. Identify risky transactions and intelligently block risky transactions to ensure the safety of customer transactions in various industries and reduce subsequent losses.

CVV2 check

Assist the card issuing bank in the encrypted collection of the cardholder’s CVV2, and on the premise of ensuring data security, transmit the data to the card issuing bank for CVV2 verification to ensure the authenticity of the cardholder’s transaction card and reduce counterfeit cards and counterfeit cards. The occurrence of high-risk events such as cards.

Malware protection

Help clients reduce risks, protect them from browser manipulators (MITB), remote access Trojan horses (RAT), high-speed/frequency rogue attacks to imitate legitimate customer behaviors, and will continue to analyze file activities in the entire extended network, which can quickly Detect, contain and remove advanced malware.