Payment Gateway

Create a first-class payment gateway
that supports multiple currencies-Moneypay

Why do I need a payment gateway?

Using payment gateways can help reduce the frequency and severity of credit card fraud in e-commerce businesses. Payment gateways allow merchants to process credits, debits and other alternative online payments. It acts as an intermediary to ensure that customer data is encrypted and secure. Our innovative gateway is also a multi-currency payment gateway, which means we can support multiple currencies and help you sell in local currency.

What functions does our gateway support?

Server integration

Allows you to process transactions through the gateway in the background while keeping customers in the system through the checkout process. This allows you to provide customers with a smoother and more complete checkout process. If you want to get card details or style the payment page on the website, you need to use direct integration or use hosted integration.

Escrow payment link

The merchant can create a simple HTML link, which can be integrated into a web page or email. After clicking, the user will enter a hosted payment form with pre-filled product information (such as amount, product description, and order reference). We will generate simple links! Compared to our hosting integration, the advantage of using this feature is its simplicity. It has the function of hosting forms without the need for server-side scripting knowledge. Just place the link below your product and you are done. All the cardholder has to do is click a button, enter their payment details, and they have paid!

Why us?

Moneypay's innovation and first-class multi-currency payment gateway can fully integrate your global e-commerce payment needs.

Through our simple and extensive integration, you will be able to access a range of features and customer-led innovations, including global payment types, fraud, risk management, analysis and reporting. We provide flexibility and openness, and we will make sure to help you set up our solution to meet your business needs.