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we are MoneyPay.

Are you an entrepreneur, startup or business owner trying to find your way through the maze of online payment options? Our FAST, INNOVATIVE, SECURE and SIMPLE interface gives you access to run your business better and provide your customers peace-of-mind. Let's get you up and running!

our mission

It is said you are the company you keep. As a MoneyPay Merchant, be confident that you are in the company of one of the world's most respected and ethical payment processors.

our Vision

To become the most reliable business partner and the preferred payment solutions provider for various organizations and companies, allowing them to compete and move on in today’s market.

Our Core Practice

Assesment of your Business Needs


Exchange of Ideas with you




Fast Approval


why choose us


Because we understand your needs, we know how to help you almost instantly!

Exchange of Ideas with you

Listen to your Pointers and exchange ideas until we reach a substantial solution where you come out the winner!

Assesment of your Business Needs

We walk you through our services and pin-point what best suits you.


Merchants Onboard


Applying Merchants




Resellers & ISO

MoneyPay Readables

If you are a start-up business, it might be best to go though our readables to enrich your agenda prior to our appointment. Rest assured after reading through our materials, some of your prior concerns would be addressed appropriately.

What is a Payment Gateway?

What is a Payment Processor?

What Is Merchant Account & Why I need it?

Checklist when applying for Merchant Acount?

Understanding Chargebacks

Increasing your chances for Application Approval

The Power of MasterCard vs VISA?

What is a Transaction History?

What is a Cross-Border Merchant Account?

Understanding High-Risk Merchant Account

Understanding Low-Risk Merchant Account

The magic word: Activated & Launched!


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