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Are you an entrepreneur, startup or business owner trying to find your way through the maze of online payment options? Our FAST, INNOVATIVE, SECURE and SIMPLE interface gives you access to run your business better and provide your customers peace-of-mind. Let's get you up and running!

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It is said you are the company you keep. As a MoneyPay Merchant, be confident that you are in the company of one of the world's most respected and ethical payment processors.

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To become the most reliable business partner and the preferred payment solutions provider for various organizations and companies, allowing them to compete and move on in today’s market.


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With a complete lineup of easy, efficient, and secure "card-not-present" credit card processing services, MoneyPay is the all-in-one payment solutions provider for any merchant. From helping small. medium and enterprise businesses accept payments online to facilitating virtual terminal, MoneyPay offers expert assistance in selecting the payment technology to meet your unique needs and help you comply with PCI standards to protect your customers and your data.

Payment Processing

Whether you run an enterprise corporation, a nonprofit org, an e-commerce site, or a retail store, we always have the right package for your business.

Merchant Acquiring

Accept payments today via top payment inter-changes. Contact us to learn how our advanced payment gateway helps simplify and secure payments.

Fraud & Risk Management

We only employ the best Fraud & Verification software in the market. Adhere to latest policies of PCI-DSS, Visa and Mastercard and many more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

With more than 15 years of experience in Global Merchant Acquiring, Payment Gateway Management and Payment Processing, you are assured you are in good or better hands!
MoneyPay, before anything else, always adheres and subjects itself to to PCI-DSS, Visa, Mastercard and 3D Secure protocols and security mantra. On top, we employ only the best software in the world to help us battle Fraud & Risk that is yearly updated should another brand or company creates a better and more comprehensive approach towards Fraud & Risk Management within the strict compliance with PCI-DSS, Visa, Mastercard and 3D Secure.
High-Risk and Low-Risk Merchants have a paricular support protocols exclusive to each. We value both, as long as its legitimate and government registered within their domain of operations. Let's talk and see how we could serve you better.
All Merchants alike are all VIP's to our eyes. You are all the backbone of our business. You could be running a registered GAMING company, a registered ADULT & DATING site, a FOREX trading, Crypto-Currency, Retailing PHARMACEUTICAL & NUTRACEUTICAL inventory, e-Cigaretes or Vaping or other HIGH-TICKETED and HIGH-TRAFFIC business, MoneyPay will always find a way to assess your requirements and extend its best services exclusive only for you.

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WIth todays increasing number of online business operators, its no fun to go through a tedious process and find in the end you have second-guessed your payment processor. If you value your business and the time you want your returns collected, stick with a processor who could be of service to your business no mater what. Talk to us. Let us make your e-commerce venture profitable within the given time you allow it.

What MoneyPay Merchants Say

Franco Castello, Brazil

MIS Manager, Registered Online Gaming

MoneyPay gives us the freedom and a substantial MDR% for our monthly sales to go up!

Mishun De Casser, USA Las Vegas

Finance Director, Gaming & Registered Adult Network

Settlement and Payout is a breeze. FOREX is average. Overall I love their service.

Seigmund Lloyd , USA Las Vegas

Operations Manager, Pharmaceutical

MoneyPay was able to secure all our transactions and convert them into successful sales!

Marcos Hermigianos, Mexico

Managing Partner, Nutraceuticals & e-Cigarettes

It's very hard to look for a processor that you can trust. Thank you!

Ammhar Vursumhinn, South Africa

Managing Director, FOREX

We love MoneyPay because their engagement pricing is cost efficient to us.

Norton Burfierri, Sweden

Owner/Developer, Crypto-Currency

I finally found a good tandem selling our coins to public with secured and fast payment processing facilities of MoneyPay.

Michael Zuhbarnos, Estonia

Operations Head, Online Gaming

Fast, Secure and Innovative! I truly believe in their moto. Keep it up

Philippe Aguillard, UK

Operations Director, Online Gaming

Good people. Good Service.

Lucas Maximillano, Argentina

Managing Director, Gaming & Adult Dating Network

Straight Forward. No run-around. Better for my Business.

MoneyPay Readables

If you are a start-up business, it might be best to go though our readables to enrich your agenda prior to our appointment. Rest assured after reading through our materials, some of your prior concerns would be addressed appropriately.

What is a Payment Gateway?

What is a Payment Processor?

What Is Merchant Account & Why I need it?

What do I need to Apply for Merchant Account?

Understanding Chargebacks

Increasing your chances for Application Approval

The Power of MasterCard vs VISA?

What is a Transaction History?

What is a Cross-Border Merchant Account?

Understanding High-Risk Merchant Account

Understanding Low-Risk Merchant Account

The magic word: Activated & Launched!

Real Human customer support

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